Faucets and Fixtures

Did you know that a faucet that drips 5 times a minute wastes approximately 230 gallons of water a year?

We turn on our kitchen and bathroom faucets countless times every day. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when our faucets leak a bit or that the water doesn’t go down the drain all the way. Both are usually tell-tale signs that either something is wrong or a part has worn down and needs to be replaced.

Not only can dripping faucets be a nuisance, but they’re also a big waste of water and money. While these sorts of things can seem like a minor problem at first, if you choose to ignore them, you can cause major – if not irreparable damage to your sink, drain or faucet.

America N.W. Plumbing provides a wide variety of Bathroom and Kitchen Faucet and Fixture styles in order to meet your individual design, budget and functional specifications.

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